How Soon Will You Get Your First Pregnancy Symptoms?

How Soon Will You Get Your Pregnancy Symptoms (1)

One way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. Nonetheless, there are a few pregnancy symptoms that can help you already find out if you are expecting or not. Though some symptoms are common, others will vary depending on the body. Some will come too early while others will delay showing.


So if you are pregnant, how soon do you get the symptoms?

The early pregnancy symptoms will be internal, but they will be visible as the baby grows in the womb. That said, here are the ranges of pregnancy symptoms, starting from the earliest.


• Two Weeks Symptoms

The first common symptom is to miss your period. You will realize if you missed your periods two weeks late. Though this is not a sure sign of pregnancy, as some midwives and doctors consider this ovulation period. It is also called the two-week mark.


• Three Weeks Symptoms

Suppose the egg was fertilized successfully, it will go through cell division in the third week. Here, it will make its way via the fallopian tube towards the uterus. Some women can experience tender breasts, fatigue, food aversions, constant urination, high sense of smell, and nausea.


• Four Weeks Symptoms

If you missed your period after four weeks, and you notice common symptoms like the third week, it could be a sign of pregnancy. For some women, they will experience sore breasts, and most of them will be highly nauseous.


• Five Weeks Symptoms

Here, the belly will be visibly big in some women. The size of the belly will depend on the body and the normal size when you are not pregnant. Other than the common symptoms of the early weeks, the woman will also be extra uncomfortable.


• Six Weeks PregnancyHow Soon Will You Get Your Pregnancy Symptoms (2)

After six weeks, the woman will experience the common morning sickness and mood swings. The fluctuations of moods could be related to the changes in hormones and the stress she is going through. Some women will be stressed as they wonder what will happen next since they are pregnant.

After the seventh week, the belly will be bigger than the normal size, and the woman also grows bigger overly. The breasts and buttocks will also grow bigger than the normal size. The woman can feel the pantie a bit tighter, forcing them to stay without one.

These are the common signs of early pregnancy. Around 50% of women will notice the pregnancy symptoms after the fifth week while 70% will experience the symptoms after the sixth week. It is advised to consult your doctor for further help in case you notice any weird signs.…