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    Glass and tiles have been used in homes for quite a long time. Acrylic came in as an alternative to both. Acrylic is easy to clean and cheap. You can different varieties for splash acrylic for homes at Splashacrylic.com splashbacks. It is also decorative and movable.

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    AcrylicSplash Backs

    Acrylic looks quite similar to glass. It is, therefore, the perfect alternative to glass or glass.They come in large sheets hjpklmbvczxand different colors. The sheets can be cut to your specifications. A single acrylic sheet can be used to create a splash back. At home splash backs are useful in the kitchen and bathroom.

    They are essential, unlike walls they can be cleaned easily. Acrylic is made from a substance called polymethyl methacrylate. The material is more transparent than glass. This is an advantage since it allows light to pass through it limiting the chance of yellowing. Acrylic has been used in many applications including aquariums, motorcycle helmet visors, and bullet proof glass.

    Perfect for home use

    Acrylic is tough and very easy to work with. Never the less it is vulnerable to cracking I f too much pressure is exerted on it. Acrylic is perfect for home sue if you are adventurous with color. Unlike thick glass which is green acrylic is clear. It can be tinted to change cooler of light as it passes through it. If correctly positioned it creates dazzling effects at different times of the day. It allows 92 % of visible light to pass through it.

    The most basic way to achieve the desired color is to paint the wall with the acrylic. Nevertheless, for a more solid color look you may use colored acrylic.


    Acrylic is solely plastic. Because they are plastic people, fear that they will not stand up to heat. For this reason, it cannot be installed in the kitchen behind cooktops without protection. For protections tiles or stainless steel can be used for sufficient protection. A 200 m layer is enough to provide adequate protection. For the bathroom acrylic splashback is perfect. It brings color and beauty to the bathroom. Other alternatives of protection can still be used, though. Your builder will advise on how to install the acrylic splashback in different areas.


    ghlkmbvxghtAcrylic is the easiest material to maintain. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth or a general purpose cleaning agent. Before buying acrylic, you should check it to ensure it is sturdy enough for your purpose. Though sturdy, acrylic can be susceptible to scratches. Scratches can be buffed out, but it’s important to consider a durable acrylic that won’t scratch easily.

    Acrylic is the best to use in splash backs. Apart from its use, it is also decorative. Splash acrylic provides more than a hundred colors of acrylic. The acrylic is also scratch resistance.