• Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming


    Many dog owners groom their dogs for the simple reason of giving them better looks and appearance. However, grooming comes with a lot more than just that. When done on a regular basis, it actually promotes better health and improves the overall mood of your dog. That shows just how important grooming is. You can do it at home by yourself, or opt for the better option of letting the professionals at You Heavenly Dog help you. Some of the main benefits that come with regular dog grooming include:

    The dog gets a healthy coat and skinasdcADvADvAE

    Giving the dog regular baths using shampoos that are specially formulated for dogs, will ensure that the skin of your pet is well nourished and healthy. The scrubbing and brushing process helps to remove all the dead hair and skin as well as allows proper air circulation through the coat and skin of the dog. The dog shampoo usually contains deep moisturizing conditioner, which is effective in protecting the coat of the dog from damage while giving it a healthy look.

    The dog will have a pleasant and fresh smell

    For those who regularly complain of dog smell in the house, regular grooming is the solution. It will ensure that the dog and your house as well, smell good all the time.

    Reduced shedding

    Grooming your dog involves removing all loose hair from the coat. Loose hair is removed during the brushing and blow-dry process, or during a specialized shedding treatment. This greatly reduces its shedding, ensuring that your furniture, floors, clothes and car will not always be covered in dog hair.

    Preventive healthcare

    Dog can also suffer from various illnesses or diseases, just like humans. During the grooming process, you can inspect the dog thoroughly to ensure that there is nothing abnormal. Professional groomers do a great inspection job as part of the grooming service. Trimming hair around the dog’s face and paws during the grooming process also helps prevent many problems. Lengthy hair in such places, especially when dirty, can result in hygiene problems, possible infection, and tangling.

    dcDcfAWDfvAWdAcasThe dog gets basic maintenance

    Basic maintenance includes things such as trimming the nails of the dog and cleaning its ears. These are basic requirements to ensure the general health of the dog.

    Good looks

    Regular grooming ensures that your dog is always clean and tidy, giving your dog great looks. The dog also feels a lot happier and gets a great mood when it is well groomed.

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