Going Chlorine Free: The Advantages

Chlorine is one of the chemicals that are used in the swimming pools to keep the pool in the perfect health condition. However, not many swimmers love the smell of chlorine and some patches that it leaves on their skin. There are many reasons as to why there are individuals who do not want chlorine near them. The chlorine free pool are rising in popularity because of the huge benefits that they offer. The reasons are that chlorine irritates the skin and eyes, and is hazardous to handle and store.


Salt water pools

It is for the above reasons that people are looking for alternatives to the chlorine in the swimming pools. Of the otherkjkjkjkjkjk options, the salt water chlorination is the favorite of many swimmers. The salt water swimming pools have advantages over the chlorine water swimming pools. One of the benefits of the salt water pools over the chlorine ones is safety.

Chlorine can be dangerous to store and transport in the liquid and tablet form. Research has shown that the elongated use of chlorinated water may pose a long-term health risk. This is however not the case when it comes to the saltwater use. The salt water systems have the same bacteria and germ killing capabilities just like chlorine but with less danger than chlorine.

Gentle on the skin and eyes

The salt water swimming pools have the gentle effect on the skin and eyes. In fact, they are known to aid in the removal of toxins in our bodies. With the salt generators, the chlorine levels have been found to be low in the water. When used in the swimming pool, it has been found to be beneficial to different individuals with different skin types. People who are sensitive to chlorine rarely report irritation on their eyes and skins after swimming.

Soft water feel

By using the salt water swimming pools, an individual will experience the soft water feel. The soft water feel, unlike the hard water feel, is usually silky and smooth to the touch just like the rain water. This is what many people look for in an ideal swimming pool. However, some people prefer the abrasive feel that the chlorinated water offers.

Easy to maintain

jhjhjhjhjIt is less costly to keep the salt water swimming pools as compared to the chlorine water swimming pools. With the salt water system, the maintenance of the swimming pool is usually referred to as hands off.

This is because the salt cells in the pool produce the active antigens that help in the fighting off diseases. Last but not least, you should always monitor the chlorine levels in your swimming pool even if you are using the salt water system.…