• What to look for when buying a baby monitor

    What is more important in this world than the safety of your baby? It is true you have to worry about your baby at night, whenever you are far, even if you have a babysitter. Fortunately, you can have peace of mind by purchasing a baby monitor. This is an amazing device that ensures you monitor a broad range of activities of your newborn.

    What is a baby monitor?

    twgedc6ehdc78wjiwksThis is a device which monitors various activities of your baby whenever you are busy somewhere or resting. Nowadays, there are audio and video baby monitors and even specialized ones that sense breathing patterns of the baby. Baby monitors are available in a wide range of models and brands. It is advisable to purchase only the best to ensure reliability and accuracy. There are main things to take into account when buying a baby monitor.

    Tips for choosing a baby monitor

    Type of baby monitor

    The two major types are plug-in and wireless. It is advisable to purchase a wireless baby monitor. This is because it offers mobility that makes it possible for use outside the home. Thus, you will not be stuck to a single location. However, you need to ensure that you are within the range specified.


    Ensure you purchase the right size of a baby monitor. Avoid buying a monitor that is too large. Instead, get a smaller size, which can be tied or clipped to the belt. Most of the portable baby monitors come with belt-clips. If your main aim is to get a clear picture, then size should not be a consideration.


    Rather than purchasing an audio-only baby monitor, it is advisable to purchase one with a camera. This will help you visualize the baby’s activities. Remember that picture quality will greatly vary particularly in low-light conditions.


    You should ensure that the microphone which is attached to your baby monitor is sensitive. This will enable you to hear even a pin drop. In fact, this is a more important factor to consider than picture quality. Moreover, you should check whether its screen has other useful accessories such as alarm clocks to remind you of feeding times.tg2w3edrf6hgwed7uu22

    Rechargeable batteries

    This is a must for a quality baby monitor. Check whether it has rechargeable batteries before buying. Also, check whether it has a battery-level indicator.

    It is recommended to purchase a baby monitor that has many channels. This will allow you to select interference-free channels.

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